Linguaviva school in Milan

Linguaviva school in Milan

LINGUADUE since 1990 has been offering international students the opportunity to learn Italian in Milan, in a friendly and thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere.
The school is in an excellent location in the centre of Milan in a well-known street in the commercial area, Corso Buenos Aires.
The Italian language courses organized by Linguadue are attended by international students from more than 50 different countries, mostly interested in design, fashion, music and business.
Linguadue offers the possibility to study Italian language for their profession, their further studies, for everyday situations.


  • Student age 18+
  • The school is located in a beautiful art nouveau building
  • Easily accessible as it is close to the Underground station Lima
  • Comfortable, well-equipped classrooms, provided with audio and video equipment
  • Free internet and wireless access
  • High quality accommodation
  • Ideally suited for adults, academic students and professionals
  • Partnership with the most important Academic and Higher Education Institutes for Design, Architecture and Fashion