Italian Standard Course in Florence

Italian Standard Course in Florence

20 Lessons per week

At Linguaviva in Florence the Italian standard course is designed for participants who need to improve their Italian skills for general use. If you have previous knowledge of Italian on your first day at school you take a written, listening and oral placement test, so that we can place you in the appropriate group for your language level.
If you are beginner student, you will immediately start with your first Italian class.
According to the Common European Framework we offer A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 levels corresponding to 13 levels of Linguaviva Learning Scale ranging from complete beginner to advanced. Check our chart to identify your starting level and to assess how long you may need to study in order to reach your required level. Each level can be completed in 4 weeks. At the end of each level, after successful completion of a test you can progress to the next level.
Group sizes are small and you will be able to develop your Italian skills, focusing on listening, speaking, reading and writing.
The aim of the course is to develop your practical and communication skills in Italian. By learning and practising Italian in fun and focused lessons you will increase your confidence in using Italian, consolidate your language knowledge and achieve greater fluency.
Teachers will use a range of teaching techniques including whole class teaching and group and pair work. During the course you will use a textbook which you can purchase at school and your teacher will provide extra learning material for each class.
As no translation is used in the classroom you will be making rapid progress in Italian.
When you have successfully completed your course you can ask for a Linguaviva certificate showing the length of the course and the language level achieved.

Lessons 20 lessons per week, 4 lessons per day Monday through Friday.
Each lesson lasts 45 minutes
Duration Min. 2 weeks
Groups Max 14 students
Levels From complete beginner to advanced A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 (according to CEF level scale)
Starting dates 2019  7th Jan, 4th Feb, 4th March, 1st Apr, 29th April,
27th May, 1st Jul, 29th Jul, 26th Aug, 23rd Sep, 21st Oct, 18th Nov
If you have previous knowledge of Italian you may start any Monday

Italian Public Holidays 2019
Lessons will not take place on the following days: 22nd April, 25th April, 1st May, 15th August, 1st November.
Language course are suspended from 23rd Dec 2019 to 6th Jan 2020.

Standard Course
2 weeks 40 lessons € 400
3 weeks 60 lessons € 600
4 weeks 80 lessons € 800
additional week up to 11 weeks € 200
Long Term Standard Course
12 weeks € 2.100
additional week from 12 to 23 weeks € 175
24 weeks € 3.960
additional week over 24 weeks € 165

Included in the tuition fees

  • Lessons
  • Accommodation placement service
  • Full orientation upon arrival
  • Placement test
  • Academic counselling for Italian Universities,
  • Career Schools and Vocational Programmes
  • Certificates
  • Linguaviva’s examination fee

Not included in the tuition fees

  • Textbooks
  • Accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Bank charges
  • Insurance
  • Social activities