Internship in Florence, student in a cooking internship decorating a dish

Internship in Florence

Throughout the year we offer you the opportunity to participate in day-to-day business activities and practise your Italian skills in real-life situations through an unpaid internship experience in an Italian company or organization. The first part of the programme includes a language preparatory course to improve your Italian skills in Florence. In the second part of the programme you will be placed in a company or organization in your field of interest. The purpose of this type of placement is to enable you to improve Italian language skills with daily practise in an Italian working environment, improve your professional skill, understand how work is conducted in Italy and, understand work ethic and experience cultural diversity.

Linguaviva internships are unpaid and students are expected to fund/pay for their entire stay in Italy.


  • Italian language knowledge at an intermediate level equivalent to CEF level B1
  • Diploma/university degree or professional experience in the chosen field
  • Minimum Age 18+
  • Study Visa is required for programmes with a duration over 3 months.

Our standard or intensive courses in general Italian prepare students to meet the linguistic requirements to follow the internship programme in Italy.

Work is in a small group and covers all aspects of the language with a particular emphasis on developing communicative skills in speaking and writing. As no translation is used in the classroom participant will be quickly able to understand and communicate in Italian.

Participants who have completed the Italian preparatory course are eligible for the internship placement in an Italian company. Placements are based on students’ qualification and work experience in the chosen area.


  • Hospitality and Tourism: hotel, travel agencies
  • Restaurants and bakeries
  • Leather industry
  • Arts & Crafts: ceramics, pottery, sculpture
  • Restoration: workshops for wood, painting and stone restoration
  • Professional offices: architects, lawyers
  • PR/Marketing
  • Textile: clothes manufacturing, dressmaking workshops
  • Fashion (Business, Merchandising, Design)
  • Design (Interior, Graphic, Industrial)
  • Photography (Fashion, press agency)


  • Meeting with internship coordinator to define details of work experience
  • Selection of company according to your area of interests, experience and availability in the chosen field
  • Assistance for permit of stay procedures
  • Interviews with the selected companies
  • Monitoring and defining the agreement between you and the Company
  • Insurance to cover workplace accidents for the duration of the programme
  • Appointment of a tutor within the company
  • Regular monitoring and evaluation of your work experience
  • Certificate indicating your participation in the programme


  • You should enrol at least 2 months before the beginning of the Programme sending to the school
  • Application form in which the duration of language preparatory course & Internship experience must be clearly indicated.
  • Your Curriculum Vitae with description of studies, qualifications and work experience
  • A letter explaining the reasons for participating in the programme
  • A description of the type of internship experience to be undertaken, indicating field of preference.

The school will confirm whether it is possible to arrange the internship programme.

Lessons 20 lessons per week. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes
Duration Min. 4 weeks
Groups Max 14 students
Levels From complete beginner to advanced A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 (according to CEF level scale)
Starting dates 2021 11th Jan, 8th Feb, 8th March, 6th April, 3rd May, 31st May,
28th June, 26th July, 23rd Aug, 20th Sep, 18th Oct, 15th Nov
If you have previous knowledge of Italian you may start any Monday

Italian Public Holidays 2021
Lessons will not take place on the following days: 5th April, 2nd June, 1st November, 8th December.
Language course are suspended from 20th Dec 2021 to 8th Jan 2022.

Duration 2, 3, 4 months
Period Throughout the year except August, December during Christmas time
Italian Preparatory Course
4 weeks € 720
additional week up to 11 weeks € 180
12 weeks € 1.840
additional week from 12 to 23 weeks € 150
24 weeks € 3.450
additional week over 24 weeks € 140
8 weeks € 860
12 weeks € 950
16 weeks € 1.045

Included in the tuition fees

  • Lessons
  • Accommodation placement service
  • Full orientation upon arrival
  • Placement test
  • Certificates
  • Linguaviva’s examination fee
  • Selection of a company
  • Placement in a company
  • Monitoring
  • Insurance

Not included in the tuition fees

  • Textbooks
  • Accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Bank charges
  • Social activities