Homestay in Florence, hosting family and students having dinner on terrace

Homestay in Florence

All our accommodation is of high quality and close to our schools – often just a short walk, and never more than a 15-minute journey by public transport. We take great care in selecting our homestay accommodation. We visit each host family before using them, and continue to visit regularly. Being in constant touch with our hosts means that we get to know them very well and that also helps us to match clients with hosts. Many homestay families have been working with us for several years, they understand that we have high expectations. Importantly, we also carefully check feedback to make sure that course participants who stay in homestay are happy and that standards remain high.

Your hosts - Not all our private home accommodation is with a traditional family of a couple with children living at home. We have a wide variety of families. Some consist of young couples, either with or without children, some are older, some are single parent families and others are widows living alone. Living with an Italian family will be very helpful for practising your Italian. Of course it will take a little time to settle in and get used to your new environment, but it will be without doubt an interesting experience. Whoever your hosts are, they will be accustomed to having visitors stay with them. They will want to make sure you are happy and comfortable in their home.

Other guests in the same accommodation - You may not be the only guest staying in this accommodation. If there is another visitor he/she will speak a different language to you, so you will have plenty of opportunity to practise speaking Italian.


  • Half Board – Breakfast and dinner, served every day including week ends.
  • Breakfast – You will be served a typical Italian breakfast every day of the week. This option does not foresee using the hosts kitchen to prepare other meals.
  • Use of the kitchen – This is a self catering solution, though living with a hostfamily, you can prepare your own meals and buy your own food.

Location. Homestays are located both in centre or residential areas surrounding the centre at maximum distance of 15 minutes by bus from the school.
Rooms. Single or twin (only available for two students travelling together).
Bathroom. To be shared with hostfamily. Private bathroom available only on request.
Internet. Available in most homestays family.
Min. Age 16+. Minors can be only booked in homestay accommodation with half board.
Duration. This accommodation can be booked for minimum 2 weeks.
Booking. The accommodation is booked from the Sunday before your course starts to the Saturday after it ends.

ACCOMMODATION FEES 2023 Prices per person Single Room Twin Room
Half Board 2 weeks € 610 € 480
additional week € 305 € 240
Bed & Breakfast 2 weeks € 390 € 300
additional week € 195 € 150
Homestay Florence
Homestay Florence
Homestay Florence
Homestay Florence
Homestay Florence
Homestay Florence